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New report from Swedish monitoring of hazardous substances in the aquatic environment mentioning also CALUX tests is now online available

Date: 2012-05-08
Source: BDS

A new report from the project related to the Swedish monitoring system is now available from the web page of the County Adm Board in Västra Götaland! This report mentions also various CALUX bioassays such as for estrogens, androgens, obesity, PAHs, dioxins, genotoxicty and other.

Effect based tools are primarily described in chapter nine. Other chapters are related to other issues (including a description of current monitoring systems of hazardous substances in the aquatic environment, legal requirements, gaps, suggestions on how to fill the gaps, choosing monitoring compartment for WFD priority substances for status classifications etc).

The report is written in English but with an extended Swedish summary in the beginning. You can find the report on: