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Sept 2007


BDS announce final program BioDetectors 2007

March 2007


BDS announce BioDetectors 2007

March 2007


BDS gecertificeerd voor GMP+

Dec 2006


New legislaton for dioxin and dioxin-like compounds

Dec 2006


Quasimeme accepts CALUX results in their LPS

Nov 2006


New limits for dioxin and dioxin-like compounds in force

Oct 2006


ISO17025 accreditation BDS

Sep 2006


BDS at PCB workshop 2006, Zakopane

Aug 2006


Highlights DIOXIN2006 at Oslo

July 2006


WHO re-evaluation of TEF values

May 2006


Announcement for CALUX® exchange workshop 2006

Feb 2006


Maximum levels set for dioxins and PCBs in feed and food

 Jan 2006


CALUX® als snelle screening in dioxine kwestie

Jan 2006


Dutch Find Dioxin Traces in Belgian Feed Product

Juny 2005


Breakthrough - Dioxins analysis in blood

May 2005


Amsterdam life sciences and BioDetection Systems (mpg movie)

sep 2004


Business collaboration between BDS and GfA in Dioxin Analysis

June 2004


Extensive Assessment of dioxin in Australia – Food, Feed Environment and Human Levels

June 2004


US Fish and Wildlife Service finds elevated dioxins levels in US national fish hatcheries

June 2004


Elevated dioxin levels found in Taiwanese milk

June 2004


UK - EU monitoring of dioxins and PCBs

Mai 2004


Dioxin Breakthrough - Dioxins analysis in blood

March 2004


Dioxin levels in Irish eggs to be compliant with EU limits

March 2004


BDS @ Dioxin 2004

Jan 2004


Scare over farmed salmon safety
Oct 2003


EPA will not regulate dioxin in sewage sludge
Oct 2003


Eu complies with WTO ruling on hormone beef and calls on USA and canada to lift trade sanctions
Oct 2003


Waste incineration and possible contamination of the food supply with dioxins
Sep 2003


BDS @ Dioxin 2003 – Boston
Sep 2003


Salmon packed with pollutans
Feb 2003 New Jersey Forced to Act Against Possible PCB Contamination

Jan 2003

BDS at TOX@EXPO - Salt Lake City
Aug 2002

BDS @ Dioxin 2002 – Barcelona
Aug 2002 BDS launches new website

Jul 2002

The European Union sets dioxins limit values for feed and food materials
Apr 2002 BDS has moved!
Sep 2001 BDS’ bioassay is the only bioassay that meets strict EU quality criteria for bioassays
Jan 2002 The European Union undertakes the world’s first independent inter-laboratory study for dioxins using a bioassay
Feb 2002 BDS’ bespoke separation technique for separating dioxins/furans from PCBs

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